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Maximize your potential with age-appropriate, targeted training programs as motivating as they are challenging.


FCHB Academy is a youth development academy focused on developing technical skill, improving speed and building strength in youth soccer players through innovative programming and an unmatched passion for the game and interest in your success. The Academy is open to all skill levels so long as the desire to improve exists and commitment to work is unwavering. Although The Academy is open to all it is not for everyone. Only the player can decide if they are ready.

The Academy


Private & Semi Private Training

Proven Method. Guaranteed Results. No One Does It Better.


The Details

  • Training sessions are 60 minutes

  • Programs range from 1 on 1, 2 on 1, or 4 on 1

  • Package Lengths are from 4 weeks - 28 weeks.

Add-ons are available for an additional fee. They include:

  • 30 Min add on for Strength or Speed training

  • Training Session video analysis. See Example.

  • Game Play video analysis with Player provided video.

  • In-person game observation. Schedule Permitting


Delivering long-term benefits through short-term results.

FCHB offers Private and Semi-Private Training programs for motivated players looking to increase their rate of development and maximize their potential.

A customized program is designed for each player based on their assessment or analysis of their game play. Players can expect all programming to be built on a foundation of what FCHB considers a model player.

  1. Possess The Growth Mindset

  2. The C’s: Confident, Composed and Creative with the ball at your feet.

  3. Intrinsic motivation to improve.

  4. Mentally present and focused on the task at hand.

If a player possesses those four qualities then substantial improvement is assured. In fact, we guarantee it. We guarantee in six months you will be a better player from our training then if you trained anywhere else. How would we know? Because in six months you will be telling us. We care about your development as much as you and we won’t let you not reach your goals.

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FCHB suite of training programs have been designed specifically with the youth player in mind. With options ranging from 1 on 1 to large group clinics there is literally something from every need and budget. To be certain all program sessions are delivered through positive instruction in a upbeat atmosphere your player will enjoy while improving at the same time.

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FCHB is going back to school! We are very excited to announce that FCHB has created an introductory soccer program designed specifically for children ages 4 -7 years old who are either brand new to the game or are just finishing up with their 1st or 2nd year of 4v4 soccer.

This IS NOT an Academy. There is nothing “elite” about this program. This program is for every skill level and we also made it affordable for every budget (we even offer financial aid to participate).

If you are a parent, teacher, administrator or just a soccer fan and you are interested in having a 1st Touch Soccer program in your school starting in January 2020, then smash that button below so you can find out more info a request us to contact you and we will be in touch.

Remember, soccer is for every child and every child deserves the best available to them.



  • The program is a collection of 3 modules from introductory to beginner to read for the next level.

  • Program was designed by Beau Barnhart, a professionally licensed soccer coach and certified youth fitness instructor and is the father of two boys in the age range the program is meant for.

  • Program closes follows U.S. Soccer’s curriculum and incorporates gamification kids will enjoy.

  • Each module is 6-8 weeks long and can run concurrent with their recreational team

  • Classes are a brisk 45 minutes long and no special shoes or equipment is required.

  • All students receive a free t-shirt and those who successfully complete their module receive a diploma to validate their accomplishment.

Free Fridays.png

Our free Friday clinics program is a collection of hyper-focused special topics ranging from finishing to speed & Strength to defensive technique.

Free Fridays will return in November and run through the end of the calendar year.


“I am building a fire, and everyday I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match.


GrowtH Mindset.png

Our Approach

Driven by the belief in continuous improvement, our development model focuses on incremental improvement in the areas of Strength, Speed and Technical Skill.

With the understanding that two weekly team training sessions are needed just to keep pace. More often than not, parents are forced to choose what area to focus on for their supplemental training.

Our training programs address all three components in each session ensuring your player’s development is accelerated in a controlled environment.


FCHB Three P’s Of The Academy.


Do it with passion or not at all. We love this game and we hope that you do too. Passion is what drives us to do what we do every day and it must be what is driving you to train. This doesn’t mean we expect you to live on the training field but we hope that you can’t live without this game.


We are and we want you to be purposeful in your actions and efforts. Our programs have been designed to obtain the maximum result in the most efficient manner. This means every component of our training is important and we ask that you approach the training as we do. The player, not the trainer, must be the one most invested in it’s outcomes.


Trust the process. Our training models foundation is rooted in continuous improvement . This is a lifelong relationship with the game. The pursuit of the perfect touch, perfect decision making and perfect game are journeys not destinations.


Whether its pre-registration offers for clinics, discounted packages for private training, some training insight from youtube or just to stay up to speed about what we are up to, there really is no reason not to join our mailing list. Its free and if you don’t like it we will offer a full refund. No questions asked.